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by olakos2000

What is the best computer

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If you ever bought a computer, there is no doubt you ask yourself “What is the best computer” question. Unfortunately, there is no correct answer to the question. Computers constantly improve.

Here are a few tips on how to choose the right computer for you:

  • Mac or PC? When choosing between MAC and PC, you should ask yourself, “What are you going to use your computer for?” Majority of people who use MAC are in graphic design industry. They use their computers for photography, 3-D modeling, and web-designing. If you are going to use your computer for office work or simply playing computer games, then PC probably would be the best choice for you.
  • Price. Low price is no longer an indication of a low quality computer. Solid computer manufactures have sales and promotions. Just have a clear understanding whether their offer is, in fact, a good deal. Price might range from $400 to $3,500 and up. MACs are usually more expensive than PCs.
  • Processor. For years, the battle for a better processor has been between two major manufactures: Intel and AMD. Each manufacturer has a lot of supporters who think their favorite company makes the best processors. The competition moves the computer industry forward and the leadership constantly changes. Compare the two and decide for yourself.
  • Customer service. The quality of the customer service is the key component in deciding which computer to buy. Companies advertise their quality service. The components of the service include the helpfulness and the knowledge of the staff, the wait time, and warranty specs.