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by tpgutshall

What should you wear to a wedding?

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According to the time and type of wedding, you may be asked to dress a particular way as a guest.  Ignoring the dress code is considered to be an insult to the host and you will also feel awkward being there.  Here is an easy how to to decode the most common dress-code lingo:

Black tie is typically not before 6pm.
Black tie is typically not before 6pm.

  • White Tie:  Women should wear a full-length dress (steer clear of lightweight floral prints and opt for richer fabrics in jewel tones, neutrals or black).  Also, be sure to avoid something risque - stick to something conservative.  Pair with elegant jewelry and long gloves.  Men would wear black tux pants, black dress shoes, a stiff wing collar shirt, studs, cuff links, white vest, white tie and a black tailcoat.
  • Formal or Black Tie:  Black tie is typically not before 6pm.  However, if a wedding is earlier in the day, do comply with the instructions.  Women should wear a floor length dress or a fancy knee-length dress or dressy tuxedo pants and a fancy silk blouse.  Avoid chunky heel shoes.  Men will wear a black tuxedo with white shirt. 
  • Black Tie Optional:  Women wear the same as black tie, men can wear a tux or a dark suit.  If you own a tux, play it safe and wear it.
  • Semiformal:  Women can wear a little black cocktail dress or another fun cocktail dress with festive jewelry, cute shoes, handbag and a wrap.  Men typically go for a dark suit.
  • Cocktail Attire:  Women usually wear a short cocktail dress (same rules as semiformal) - men have it easy, dark suit or navy blue blazer with dress pants or khakis.