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by olakos2000

Diamond solitaire engagement rings

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Diamond solitaire engagement ring is a classic symbol of love and commitment. Women all over the world adore this ring setting. Solitaire setting focuses on one single diamond in the center of the ring and a bare ring metal.  

The beauty of this engagement ring setting is that if you don’t have enough money for a big diamond, you can purchase the ring with a smaller diamond and then replace it with a bigger diamond later keeping the same ring.

Here are few tips on how to choose a perfect diamond solitaire engagement ring:

  • Clarity. When choosing the diamond, you need to pay close attention to clarity or purity of a diamond. You can get a clarity grading chart from any jewelry salesman to help you better understand the imperfections and their values such as inclusions and blemishes.
  • Color. There are several diamond colors: colorless/white, near colorless/white, faint yellow, very light yellow, and light yellow. The darker colors include brown, blue, green, pink, and red. They are rare, therefore more valuable and expensive.   
  • Cut. There are several types of cut: fine, heavy, and shallow. Fine cut has no loss of reflected light; heavy cut is when light is lost though sides, and shallow cut is when light is lost through bottom. Proportions, finish, symmetry, and polish of the diamond are elements of the cut. Poorly cut diamonds usually sell at discount prices whereas well cut diamonds sell at a premium price. Diamond cut depends on the artistic skill of the cutter.
  • Carat Weight.  Carat is the weight measurement of the diamond. 1 carat equals 0.20 grams. The heavier the diamond, the pricier the ring is going to be.
  • Gold/Platinum. Choosing the right ring metal is as important as choosing the right diamond. Some like the look of gold, others love platinum. Usually, if you like silver, you will like platinum. Knowing your preference will save you a lot of time.