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by TeraFaye

Pet Travel Tips

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You want your pet at a certain destination, however getting him there can often be a disaster. My good friend got in a car accident last year when she was driving her cat home from the vet.  Her cat was freaking out and it distracted her from the road. Avoid stress, accidents and the like by traveling safely, relaxed and comfortable with your pet by following these 7 pet travel tips.

Lock him up! It's for the better.

Securing your pet in a crate or carrier is the best way to travel anywhere with him. Make sure the crate is well ventilated.  Your pet should be able to comfortably stand up, sit, turn around and lie down in the crate.

No head out of the window.

While it is cute when your pet sticks his head out of the window, this can cause injury to his inner ears and cause lung infections. You also risk him getting hit by flying objects.

Familiarize your pet.

Get your pet used to his crate or carrier by using it frequently in the comfort of your own home. Never lock him up as a punishment or your pet will feel like he is being punished while in the car.  Take small road trips with your pet first so he can get used to driving.  Go around the block, to the nearest drive-through coffee shop, or for a Sunday afternoon sight seeing ride.

Never leave your pet alone in a vehicle.

Your pet will start to dread the car and the carrier if you leave him alone in it. It can also be dangerous. Hot weather, even with the windows open, causes a car to seem like an oven and in cold weather the car acts like a refrigerator. Not only is this miserable for your pet to sit in, but can cause heat stroke and your pet to freeze to death.

Do not feed while on the move.

Give your pet a meal 3 hours before you leave on your trip. While driving, stop at a rest stop and let your pet stretch his legs, relieve himself, and have a small snack. You never want to drive with your pet when he has a full stomach or feed him in a moving vehicle because this increases the chance that he will vomit.

Prepare a pet traveling kit.

When traveling with your pet always bring a kit that contains all the necessities. Food, 2 bowls - one for water another for food, plastic bags for waste, grooming supplies, any medication your pet takes and a pet first-aid kit. Bring any travel papers if they are necessary and pack along vaccination records as this is sometimes checked when crossing state lines. Always pack a favorite toy or pillow to help your pet relax.

Make sure your pet wears identification.

Always have your pet's collar and identification tags on him when traveling.  An additional temporary travel tag is a good idea to add to the collar with your destination, name and cell number in the case that your pet runs away.