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by olakos2000

Diamond engagement ring settings

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Nothing says “I want to spend the rest of my live with you” like a diamond engagement ring. For centuries, a man presented a ring to a woman as a symbol of commitment and love. There are many be autiful rings to choose from, but it is hard work to find a perfect one. When it comes to making a decision which ring to buy, the best first step is to talk to a jewelry sales representative. However, being prepared and know the difference in ring settings can make the decision making process a lot easier.

Three stone setting
Three stone setting

Here are some Diamond engagement ring settings:

  • Pave. Pave ring setting is the setting that uses many small diamonds. These diamonds are situated in a cluster on the ring’s surface. Usually pave setting is used in wedding bands and engagement rings, creating a continuous look of diamond essence. Word “pave” came from French, meaning “paved like a cobblestone road.” Because the ring’s surface is covered with small diamonds, it creates a huge sparkle that appeals to many women.
  • Three stones. Three stone setting is usually purchased for wedding anniversaries and engagement celebrations. The setting uses a symmetrical design of two small and one big diamonds. Sometimes the design has two small different gems and a diamond in a center, creating a beautiful combination of natural stones.     
  • Diamond accented. Diamond accented ring setting has one large diamond in the center, accompanied by pave diamonds on the surface of the ring, creating a beautiful spark.
  • Solitaire. Solitaire setting uses only one diamond in the center. This setting concentrates on one gem rock and some bare metal. When choosing this ring setting, pay close attention to the diamond crown. If the diamond is set on a weak crown, it is very easy to lose it. Solitaire engagement rings are the most expensive rings due to the beauty of the diamond.