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by olakos2000

What is the best anti virus software

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Having antivirus software installed on your computer is essential. Internet fraud, identity theft, spread of viruses are some of the reasons to have antivirus software.

It is estimated that millions of computers are infected just in the US. Unfortunately, antivirus software market became saturated with fraudulent companies that claim to protect your computer. Instead, you will end up paying big money (sometimes involuntarily) just to gain back control over your computer. There are a number of reliable antivirus protection programs, but there is only a few that proved themselves over the years to provide dependable services.

Here are two kinds of software that you can get for your antivirus needs:

  • Free software. Most of the PCs come with free Microsoft antivirus software – AVG. It is not highly rated, but the new Security Essentials, installed mostly on new Windows 7, showed some very impressive results (it detected almost 98% of all tested viruses). AVG also offers free versions of its antivirus software and is good for basic computer use.
  • Commercial software. Recently, International Alternative Workshop on Aggressive Computing and Security in France heavily tested antivirus software of the leading manufacturers.  According to their testing, which lasted an hour, the programmers found out that Dr. Web software is unbreakable where as others didn’t live up to their expectations. For example, it took them 40 minutes to disable Kaspersky Lab software, 33 minutes to disable Eset, 4 minutes to disable Norton Antivirus, 2 minutes for McAfee, and even less for AVG and G Data.

When choosing antivirus software, also consider the price of the product and the amount of Internet browsing you think you will do. If you simply check your emails and local news once a day, a free version of antivirus software will be just enough. For heavy Internet use, you need to consider many other components.