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by olakos2000

Information about Germany

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Germany is located in Central Europe on Baltic Sea and North Sea. It borders Denmark, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Luxembourg. It is the sixth largest country in Europe. The state language is German, but the majority of the population is also fluent in English. The country is divided into 16 states with the capital of Berlin. The population is over 82 million people. Germany is a very culturally diverse country, with almost nine percent of the population being foreigners.

Germany is a part of European Union and has one of the strongest economies in the world. Its rich history and diverse culture makes Germany a popular place for tourism. Numerous theaters, museums, castles, palaces, and festivals attract thousands of tourists every year. The country is known for its wineries, beer breweries, and cuisine that influence the rest of the world.  

Germany is in a single time zone, which is plus six hours from ET. The average flight time from NY to Berlin is about 10 hours. Germany has a well-developed transportation system. A network of trains and buses covers the whole country. A well-known Autobahn, the third longest highway in the world, has no speed limits and maintains an excellent safety record.  

American citizens and permanent residents do not need a visa to visit Germany as long as they stay no longer than 90 days and posses an unexpired passport. You do need a visa for a longer period. German visa is valid for other European countries, members of Schengen agreement.   

When planning a trip, remember that, like most countries, Germany has different electrical standards. Germans have plugs with two round prongs, and their outlets are round. The voltage is 230 V. It creates a certain inconvenience if you plan of brining electrical devices made in the US or Canada.