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by olakos2000

How to back up your computer

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It’s hard to overemphasize the importance of a computer back up. If your computer fails, many files and programs can be gone forever. It’s recommended that you back up your computer at least twice a year. Big companies do it daily. There are two ways of backing up your files: an internal and external.

  • The internal way allows you to back up your computer on your primary hard drive. Your computer also comes with System Restore which automatically backs up system files by creating restore point. You can also manually create restore points. Remember, that System Restore can’t recover files that you deleted. Use “System Restore” in “Accessories”®”System Tools” or in “Backup and Restore Center” located in “Control Panel” on Windows Vista.
  • The external way allows you to create a copy of your hard drive on a removable media. In case your hard completely fails, you can restore the content of your computer. Before you use your computer for the first time, create an image and save it on CDs or an external hard drive. Then you can periodically back up your system. Using an external hard drive can save you a lot of money since the complete back up uses several CDs. Back up option is located in “Accessories” ®”System tools” ®”Back up.” Windows Vista gives you an option of backing up the entire system or certain files. Use “Backup and Restore Center” located in “Control Panel” on your computer.
  • If you want more options in backing up your computer, you can download numerous free backup programs or purchase inexpensive software.