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by tpgutshall

How to Litter Train Your Cat

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  1. Purchase a litter pan, litter and scooper.  Look for a pan that is appropriate for the kitten/cats size.  Keep it simple at first - fancy, automatic pans and hooded pans can come later.
  2. Look for a great location for the litter pan.  Put this in a place where the cat will be spending most of his/her time.
  3. Remove any large potted plans from your home.  Cats will instinctively bury their waste, and the cat may look at your potted plant to do just that.
  4. When you first bring your new addition hom, take him/her to the litter pan and put him/her in it.  They may sniff around and start to dig in!  If they do not automatically start to dig, take his/her paws and gently show him/her what they should do. 
  5. Keep an eye on your cat.  However, if you cat does have an accident, it is important to not get mad.  The kitten is still learning.  Take the kitten to the mess and have him/her smell (do not rub its nose in it).  Then, take it to the litter box and let it dig.
  6. Keep the littler pan very clean.  Cats are very picky.