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by olakos2000

Internet connection types

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Internet connection types develop together with Internet and computers. There are several connection types available today:

  • Dial-up connection. It‘s the first Internet connection type and surprisingly is still used by a number of people. Dial-up is a very slow connection (up to 56 k) and is an analog connection (the modem converts the data to digital). The connection uses your phone line; you can’t use your phone and Internet at the same time.
  • DSL (Digital Subscriber Line). It’s a big step up in comparison to dial-up. The connection still depends on your phone, but the two can be used independently. DSL connection always keeps your computer connected to the Internet. The speed depends on the proximity to the provider.
  • Cable. The most popular type of Internet connection. The connection comes through your TV cable and it is independent on phone lines. Cable connection is known for its high speed.
  • Satellite. Satellite connection is not as fast as cable, but offers a good alternative to those households where cable connection is not available. Because, by definition, satellite connection uses satellites, it is available virtually anywhere. The cost of set is quite expensive because of the necessary equipment.
  • Wireless. This is a relatively new type of Internet connection (also known as Wi-Fi). Wireless uses radio waves and became very popular in laptops. You need to have a network card installed in your computer in order to set up Internet connection.