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by Muzora

How To Get SAG Eligibility Through Extra Work

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       It can be extremely difficult to get three SAG background vouchers to make yourself eligible to join the union. Here are some tips I’ve found to getting your SAG vouchers:


  • Be early!

If they are going to give out SAG vouchers the day you do background work, they will give them to the first non-union people who show up. Make sure you are the first person on the day that they are giving out vouchers.


  • The ADs are your friend

The assistant directors (ADs) handle the vouchers are and are usually in charge of signing you in/out. Make friends with them. If you are the easiest background person to work with on the set, who do you think they will give a SAG voucher to if they have an extra one?


  • Pay Attention

Under SAG contract there should be a minimum of 20 background actors for television shows and 53 for feature films. Depending on the project you are working on, find out how many background actors are on working that day. If it looks like the production is under the amount they are supposed to have, ask one of the AD’s (one you’ve already made friends with) if they have an extra voucher to give out.


  • Use your skills!

See what special skills you have and submit to projects that are asking for those skills. If the background job that you get requires a special skill (sports, juggling, stilt-walking etc.) you are more likely to get booked as