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by Muzora

Tips On Movie Critic Ratings

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     Movie critic ratings follow a very basic format and allow the writer to add their own style and voice. Here are some steps I’ve found on how to write a basic movie critique and make it your own:

  •  Know The Audience

You must be aware of the audience you are writing for. How old are the readers? Are you writing for the Internet or for a newspaper? You should style your critique to cater to you audience. Use your instincts.

  • Start Strong

Give the first paragraph a very strong opening. It can start out by giving an engaging quote or a shocking moment from the movie. Its very important that you grab your reader’s attention right away or else they won’t get that much further in your critique

  • Drop Names

You should mention the names of well-known actors, directors, or producers in the film. People will keep reading your critique if they are generally interested in the people you mention.

  • The Highlights

Mention the basic plot of the story in your following paragraphs. Highlight the scenes and characters that made an impression on you. Be very clever in discussing the climax of the story. You will have a lot of angry readers if you spoil the most important part of the story in your critique!

  • Drop The Bomb

Give your honest opinion on the film at the end of the critique. Tell the readers what you really think, but back it up with the reasons why you feel that way. Strongly express your opinion. End you critique strong and tell the reader if they should if the movie is worth seeing or not. Drop the bomb!